18th Century Politics

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INTRODUCTION What do the people consider the Conservative party to be a joke?(Present day) · The party is split "“ no agreeing e.g Europe (Ken Clarke- join Euro and E.U) · Out of Date- old fashioned views- out of touch with modern politics · They always change their leaders- no continuity · Old/stupid/pompous members · 2 Bad elections Very similar to 1846- they were also considered a joke · Sir Robert Peel resigned leaving 3 possible candidates to lead them · Split party "“ "FREE TRADE" · Out of date "“ "the stupid party" · Bad general elections "“ 1846 & 1850 · No election win between 1841 and 1874 People suggested that their days were numbered. However in 1874 they won an election- Mr. Benjamin Disraeli "“ who was to make the conservatives dominate politics into the next century.

1. THE DECISIONS OF BRITAIN · Prime Minister decided ministers and the House of Commons decided the prime minister.

The House of Commons had a great and extensive authority and the House of Lords. In the commons, rights to voting and distribution changed towards the mid 19th century.

· Most impressive of the Great Britain's political stability foundation lay in their European stability.

· Colonies tend to be a drain on Britain.

DISRAELI : "milestones round the neck of Britain" 1852 · However population was rising through immigration. But emigration doubled between 1850 & 1870 · Britain had colonies in: New Zealand, Africa, Canada and the West Indies · Great trade reflected in supremacy of the British Navy · 1945- 300 ships fitted with steam engines 2. THE WEALTH OF BRITAIN · 1851 "“ workshop of the world. Industry growth-growth in trade. Any deficit made up by foreign payments · Railways- T.Brassey- built railways all over the world · Main...