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Science-Fiction Book Report In 1984 the world is divided into three countries, which are Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. Those three countries make up the whole globe. Winston Smith is one of the main characters in the story. He's a 39 year old man whose secretly in love with this girl called Julia and has an affair with her, having an affair is considered a crime. Winston gets really depressed and joins the brotherhood, which is a supposed group of underground members who intend on overthrowing the government. One day O'Brian gives Winston his address. Winston thought that O'Brian was part of the brotherhood. Since Julia and Winston both hated the party, they saw what the brotherhood was like at O'Brien's house. Eventually, Winston and Julia are accused of crime and are sent to the ministry of love. There, Winston gets brainwashed and loses his love for Julia. He is finally released and ends up drinking gin for the rest of his life.

In the book 1984, there are a lot of imaginary and fantasy-type issues. For example the setting is very unrealistic, there are three countries in the world and the entire plot of the story takes place in these places. Also, another place where they fantasize about and is more imaginary is the Ministry of love which is a rehabilitation centre where people are brainwashed and tortured in order to conform its prisoners into the thoughts and beliefs of the party which later will die, will be sent to forced labour camps or even released back into the society. This setting is not really a scientific or fantasy-type place because there were similar places in history about brainwashing but it is still imaginary because there aren't places like that today that we know of. I find that the...