The Acomplishments Of The Framers In Creating The Constitut

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question: Analyze the accomplishments of the framers in correcting the precieved abuses under brittish rule and the weaknesses under the articles . Your answer should focus upon historical actions in creating the document.

Note: this is a great ap essay for American history it is not a litterature masterpiece The framers of the Constitution constructed a document that has been copied by many nations in setting up their own government. The framers of the Constitution succeeded in producing a Constitution that efficiently ran our nation compared to the previous articles of confederation, or the way the British had ran our country. The framers created a constitution with an executive branch allowing the nation to quickly eradicate problems and enforce laws. Hamilton's economic plan established credibility and began to raise money for the national debt. And now the federal government had the power to deal with foreign relations, like Pinckney's Treaty and Citizen Genet.

Under the new constitution, an executive branch was installed. This created a commander and chief, someone who could make quick decisions and run the army. He was able to enforce law, when Citizen Genet began to raise armies to attack Spanish-Florida and attack ships off the cost off America; Washington quickly had him removed. It also gave us the power to use and deploy the army, in an uprising of mutinous whiskey producers (the whiskey rebellion) he was able to draw up the army and quickly squash the uprising. Instead of having to beg for state protection, like under the Articles. An example of this is the Pennsylvania soldier mutiny raised and congress had to ask states to help out and eventually retreat to Princeton. Also by establishing an executive branch, helped place limited power on the federal judges and the set up of American court system.