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AIDS In this paper you will be reading about ways to contract Aids, ways to gain Aids, how Aids reproduces, and ways you can and cannot get Aids.

Aids is caused by HIV, (HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIANCY DISEASE), which attacks the T cell in the immune system. After it latches on to the T cell, it reproduces its DNA inside the cell, then breaks open into the blood stream, tearing the cell and killing it. The T cell is the cell that stimulates the other immune cells and while it is being attacked it manages to contact the other cells to kill off the virus. It takes about 3 to 6 months for the immune system to react to the virus.

HIV is not the same as Aids. HIV is classified as Aids when there is less than 200 T cells in your blood. Aids is also asymptotic. Which means showing no symptoms.

Aids also does not do anything to your appearance. So if you were standing in the middle of a crowd, most likely no one else in the crowd would know that you were infected.

Now that you know how Aids affects your body you should also know how you could gain and contract Aids. The three main ways that people get Aids is through sharing needles, sex, and breast-feeding.