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AN ANALYSIS OF CORPORATE SICK-LEAVE POLICIES Recent Trends in the Business World Linda C Moorage April 5,2001 Corporate sick-leave policies must be studied carefully in order to maximize employee productivity ands minimize excessive absenteeism. The reasons for absences and responsiveness of employers to needs of employees must be examined in order to determine some practical alternatives to current policies.

REASONS FOR ABSENCE There are many reasons employees are absent from work. Illness and personal emergency are common reasons for absenteeism. However, recent surveys have shown that about 28 percent of reported sick time isn't due to illness. this percentage is on the rise. Recent studies have also shown tar absences due to personal needs and stress are increasing. also, many workers believe that they are "entitled" to a day off now and then. Perhaps it is time for employers to revamp their sick-leave policies and make these policies more responsive to the needs of the employees.

RESPONSIVENESS OF EMPLOYERS If employees are finding it necessary to take sick days when they are not ill, it makes sense to conclude that possibly employers either are not aware of why absenteeism exists or have chosen not to respond to their employees' needs. One thing is certain"”ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

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