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Analyzing Magazines Over the years, the way we talk about communication in romantic relationships has changed dramatically. In the past, what was talked about in a personal relationship remained in the privacy of that personal relationship. Couples rarely discussed or shared what went on in the relationship with other people. With this lack of information about communication in relationships, there was little said about them. Most relationships were assumed to be plain, ordinary, old-fashioned, and no problem relationships. Luckily, today couples talk about their communication in romantic relationships very openly; therefore, we have a pretty good understanding about what is talked about among them, and they are not so customary after all. All of these understandings have been published in numerous books, newspapers, and especially in magazines. Most of the magazines that contain the love and relationship articles are either male-oriented or female-oriented magazines. In order to further understand the communication in romantic relationships, we read a couple articles out of female-oriented magazines as well as several articles out of male-oriented magazines.

After reading articles from Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ, Maxim, and Penthouse, we have come to the conclusion that there are vast differences between female-targeted magazines and male targeted magazines.

Female and male oriented magazines possess contrasting views on their beliefs of the keys to a successful relationship. According to Glamour, a popular women's magazine, women feel that self-disclosure is a significant factor in maintaining a healthy relationship. "Sharing the things that have happened to you "“ things you felt, observed, hoped for or achieved"”is one of the most obvious ways to become (or remain) close to your partner" (Carlson 232). In opposition, according to male-targeted magazines, men are mostly concerned with the physical aspects of the relationship. Going out, participating in various physical activities, hanging out with friends...