Animal Farm

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Animal Farm George Orwell was his pen name but his real name was Eric Blair. He was born in Bengal in 1903 and hated totalitarianism. He died at the age of 47. He hated lying and cruelty in life and in literature. He was a socialists. He published Animal Farm in 1946. The novel took place in England on the manor Farm.

The characters in the story are Old Major, Snowball, Napleon, Boxer, Clover, Dogs, Squealer, Benjamin, Moses, Mr. Jones, and Mollie.

Old Major is the pig who has a dream of rebellion against humans and shares it with other animals and soon dies. Snowball is a pig leader who is doing a good job but gets ran off the farm and accused of everything that goes wrong. Napoleon is a pig leader who hates Snowball and accuses him of everything and brakes all the seven commandments. Boxer is a strong horse whose motto is "I'll work harder."

and "Napoleon is always right." Clover is a mare who stands by Boxer's side and worries about his health. The dogs are puppies who are raised by Napoleon and they obey everything he says. They also protect him and Squealer. Squealer is the pig who tells kinds of lies so the animals will believe that Napoleon is good and Snowball is bad. Benjamin is the donkey who knows all the truth and can read but won't tell anyone. Mr. Jones is the owner of the Manor Farm and gets ran off by animals. Mollie is a foolish horse who doesn't want to work and runs away.

The plot summary of Animal Farm is on a farm in England. A group of animals are planning a rebellion and not being fed by their owner. They successfully run off Mr. Jones and his men...