Animal Farm

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For the best interest in any person, it is imperative to make decisions on your own, without letting someone decide for you. In the novel, Animal Farm by George Orwell, the pigs constantly make decisions for the other animals. The pigs are the ones in charge of the farm after they run the owner Mr. Jones off the farm. The animals from then on take care of the farm. Napoleon the leader only cares only about himself makes the other animals work long, hard hours with scarce food while he and the other pigs stay in the farmhouse living basically like humans.

An example, of when the pigs commanded the animals, was during work on the farm. The pigs would tell the animals what to do, and they did as they were told. The animals would work sixty-hour weeks while the pigs lounged in the farmhouse, sleeping in beds, eat plenty of food and drinking alcohol.

A specific scenario was the building and rebuilding of the windmill. The windmill took long, hard hours to build, and the pigs did none of the labor. After the animals discovered that the windmill was destroyed Napoleon came out and proclaimed, "There is work to be done. This very morning we begin rebuilding the windmill and we will build all through the winter, rain or shine." Pp. 72-73. This shows how inconsiderate Napoleon was. The animals had no input on rebuilding the windmill. Napoleon said the windmill would be rebuilt and no matter how tired and strained the animals were they had to do it.

Another decision made by Napoleon that upset the animals was when he told them they were to start trading with other farm owners. The animals get very confused, remembering earlier teaching of Old Major; they were never to trade.