Animal Farm

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Animals were used for the earliest forms of work, they are our friends and our companions. Some seem to take their generosity for granted. In the classic novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, Mr. Jones takes his animals for granted. He beats them when they disobey, feeds them scarcely and works them from dusk to dawn. The animals that work Mr. Jones Manor Farm have led a tough grueling life. Of course, like all humans even animals can have their fill of disrespect. Beware Mr. Jones, for your life is about to change.

We first meet the animals when their pig leader, Major, calls a meeting in the "Big Barn". He discusses a rebellion against al humans and teaches the animals an old rebellious song named "Beasts of England". A few nights pass and finally old Major dies, two pigs named Napoleon and Snowball take over control. The animals finally be rid their troubles with the battle of cowshed, and drive Mr. Jones and his workers from the farm.

The animals destroy equipment and tools, and create 7 animal commandments. Manor Farm then had its name changed to Animal Farm, and things ran smoothly for a long time. Snowball and Napoleon very rarely agreed on subjects, but the farm was prosperous and the animals were treated very well. Snowball went off one day and was found drawing plans in a shed. Later he introduced them as plans for a windmill. The peace was about to go, Napoleon soon convinced the animals that Snowball was a menace. They banished Snowball and from that point, everything changed. The windmill was built, but humans destroyed it. It was so that the windmill was rebuilt three times. After years on the farm the pigs grew more and more like humans everyday. They walked on two legs slept in beds and wore clothes. Along with the image of a human came the personality, they became cruel, ruthless and stupid.

Two characters, Snowball and Napoleon played a pivotal role in the plot of Animal Farm. Snowball, mentally, is a genius. He is insightful of the future and seems very capable of handling and controlling the farm.

He is more vivacious than Napoleon, quicker in speech and also more inventive. He is the mastermind behind the windmill that brings the farm prosperity. Physically, Snowball is a pig. He has more brains than brawn, for he can get himself out of any problem without using force. Napoleon, however, was a large, fierce- looking Berkshire boar (the only on the farm). He is not a reputed talker, but had a reputation for getting his own way. Napoleon was considered to have more depth of character than Snowball. The two played pivotal roles in the plot because they lead their animal companions through the animal revolution. Without Napoleon the animals of the farm would be better off. However, he was their leader and without him the humans and Mr. Jones could have easily won the farm back. Snowball was the mastermind, he came up with the plans for the windmill on his own. In turn the windmill brought recognition from humans, prosperity and money to the farm.

The mood of Animal Farm was like that of a country controlled by a dictator. Napoleon was self- indulged and ignorant to his companions.

The novel was given a mood that made you feel pitiful towards the animals. They had scarce food and great difficulty with winters. The book also had a rebellious mood due to the rebellion the animals had. The reader is carried along on the journey through a small part of their life.

The setting is, of course, on a farm, during the 1950's in England. This setting contributes to the mood and tone because at one time, England was ruled by kings, who are dictators. The tone of this novel was mostly rebellion and the will to survive independently. The animals decided to rebel and supply their own food, plant their own fields and manage their own lives. All humans face these tasks, but it is not expected for animals to rely on themselves and not humans. The setting contributes to this tone greatly. Being placed in England's country, there are many farms with many animals. The tone of independence in England's animals is unexpected and would give a great emotion to animals inhabiting the area.

The Novel Farm was enjoyable to me. I thought it was simple and a good, short story to read. It was a story of the road to rebellion and independence taking place in England. The mood was very "controlling" and destructive, the humans were very cruel and dis-likable. The story was simple, the animals on the farm are tired of the pain caused by humans. They rebel, go under new leadership and find themselves in an even worse position that before. But a good ending came where the animals prosper and finally enjoy a good relaxing life.