Anthem By Ayn Rand

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Anthem is a book about self interest and finding your true identity. It is based on the philoshophy of Objectivism, created by the author, Ayn Rand. It is a mankind in which people can only learn what they are allowed to learn and where they can only say what they are allowed to say.

When Prometheus had introduced himself to the manuscripts from the House of the Scholars, he had disobeied the laws of the community. He had foregone them and taken them into great consideration to advance technology and the overall well being of man itself.

Prometheus had dicovered the electric lightbulb after a great deal of time. He had believed that this was created before in the "Unmentionable Times". He had also had a supposition that this would indulge an easier way of life for all of the brothers in the society.

After presenting the light bulb to the House of Scholars, they rejected his gift and had threatened him in too many ways to be certian of, because a crime like this had never been commited before ( in their own society nonetheless).

They had stated that he had done the unthinkable and challenged his own life to the well being of his own character. The Scholars had belived that the only way to live is to serve each other, and all men are created equal. These beliefs had encouraged them to believe that they are all together one, and not one man is capable of taking on the right to make himself more intelligent than that of his brothers.

Prometheus finds a way to escape from the collectivist society and begin a new life in the "Uncharted Forest". There, his love follows and is enchanted by his passion for her. She learns of his...