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An archetype is a universal sign. The archetypes that best suits my personality and what my way of life is all about are the warrior and the lover. These two symbols represent me. A warrior is discipline I am discipline in all the sports, which I participate in. A lover cares a lot about people who are close to him this defines my self very well.

To begin, love is such a powerful and joyous thing, it reflects my personality and it is a big part of who I am and what I am about. I care so much about my friends and family. I guess it could be said love is my weakness my Achilles tendon even. I care so much about certain people in my life. The saying "its better to have loved and lost than not to loved at all" is sometimes a bunch of "B.S." I can say I am defiantly afraid of losing the ones I love but at the same time it is nice to have loved than not loved at all.

For example I love my girl friend, one time we went on a great adventure out to the everglades and we spent all day fishing, cooking and relaxing together then after that we headed out to the west coast. Were we would watch the sun fall and as it got lower and lower we got closer and closer to falling, asleep. Losing this closeness this bliss which we call love would be heart breaking. It would be a very torturous time in my life that is where the "loved and lost than not loved at all " is crock. Moreover, my dreams are full of love. I have woken up many mornings with an extra hop in my step knowing that while sleeping I was on a sandy beach watching the sunset or on a hillside underneath the stars with someone I love.

Another, big part to my personality is the disciplined warrior who will do almost anything to win who will work harder than the rest of the competition. For instance, I play three sports football, wrestling, and baseball all that require discipline to train for but out of them all wrestling is the toughest. Wrestling requires a person's body to be in great shape my body fat percentage has been as low as 2.5% during the season. Wrestling is a constant strain on your body. The hardest part of wrestling is the losing weight (about 20 pounds in a couple of days) to make a certain weight class part of it. To not eat for three days and not drink as much fluids as you put out is very tough on you mind and body this is wear the will to win and the discipline plays its part without these two things wrestling would be impossible. Again winning is a big part of sports and when I do not win it drives me crazy. The fact of losing makes me want to work harder and train longer just to gain an edge so I won't lose again. I hate losing it is just not in my blood. Sometimes I feel like I am on a quest to win. Being weak is a fear of mine also if I ever became weak and powerless I would feel a loss of dignity. I would also feel like I let my father down because he has always wanted me to be great.

In conclusion, the warrior and lover are a big part of my life they are me and they can be seen in every part of my life. I realize it is there at all times whether I want it to be or not.