The Bacchae

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BACCHAE "In the kitchen Pregnant and Barefoot"�, is the reality that Greek women had to face in everyday life. In the ancient Greek society women had this certain role in their culture that they were to abide by no matter what that's just how it was. A majority of Greek men were brought with a particular view of women instilled in them, that they were property and they were taught how to train their women. But did all men have this same view of women or did some have a different perspective of women. Euripides was one of these oddball men in their Greek society that didn't share the same views on women and illustrated this in his play write "BACCHAE"� . But is his view on gender roles in this play out of the ordinary compared to other Greek writings of that time? Yes, I believe it is but it's his opinion about women and I happen to agree with him.

But he also breaks the Greeks standards of gender with the god Dionysus having feminine characteristics.

Women in Greek society had a hard time ever since the day they were born. Greek girls were separated from the boys and isolated from everything out side of the home. From that time on they in training to do what they would do the rest of their lives simply serving men. "My sisters and nieces are so well brought up that they are embarrassed even of a man who is a member of the family"� , they had the mentality of slave but in essence they were slaves. Female slaves had it bad, they were practically prostitutes to their masters and who ever else that wanted to use her services.

Most Greek writing put down women and stood for the...