Black Beauty

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The novel "Black Beauty" is a story that clearly displays the horrific cruelties that animals endure (especially horses). The main character of this novel is the horse Black Beauty. She was a very kind and gentle horse who would never behave in a violent way (no matter how mistreated she was by her owners). Black Beauty was also a very beautiful horse with shiny black fur and a striking white star in the middle of her forehead. She was very dedicated to her masters and friends and was a very hard working horse.

In this novel Anna Swell uses a great deal of descriptions to help the readers visualize the experiences of Black Beauty throughout her life, with all of her different owners. A good example of suspense in the novel would be when Black Beauty was taking her master home from a trip to town on a cold and windy rainy night.

When they come across a bridge that they have to cross Black Beauty refuses to cross it. The master tries to urge beauty to go but she insists on turning around. At this point the reader feels scared for Beauty because she is disobeying her master and she gets whipped for doing this. " Go on beauty said my master he gave me a touch with the wip but I refused to move, he gave me a sharp cut but I still refused to move" (Swell 76). This quotation helps to display the great deal of imagery that the author uses throughout the novel. Beauty's master continued to urge her to cross until a man at the other end of the bridge yelled for them not to stop. The bridge had collapsed in the middle because of all the rain.

Just then a man...