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Conflict: There are two types of comflict in the short story The Blood of the Martyrs. Man Vs Man and Man Vs Society. One example of the man vs man conflict is portraid in this quote. "He had picked up the inkwell and thrown it in the Dictator's face." (p.226) This shows physical conflict between Professor Gregor Malzius and the Dictator. Another example is the beatings in which the Professor has endured.

Man vs Society: An example of a man vs society is shown when Professor Malzius wouldn't sign the papers, he believed in telling the truth and he ended up dying for his society and science.

I believe that this short story can be interperated in different was. Almost every story can be viewed differently. You can interperate The Blood of the Martyrs in several ways. You can think the Professor died because they pushed him over the edge,and he doesn't want to go on living.2.

He died for science3. Professor Malzius died for the goodness of his society.

People have different opions about everyone and everything, like why The Professors students called him "The Bear". There is no straight way to interperate a story, everyone thinks differently.