Chronic Stressors

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Chronic stressors are conditions that happen to virtually almost everybody that I know. Using my friend as an example, he has a lot of frustrations and inner conflicts that come from his responsibilities at home which conflict with his workplace and school.

Coming from a small family who heavily depends on him for support and financial issues, he finds himself very burdened since is he also a full time student with a job that requires him to do a lot work. He runs a home-based mail order business, which takes a lot of his time in between school and family. Dealing with very many people at once, it's hard to be able to fulfill the needs of his customers while taking care of his responsibilities at home. His work involves doing a lot of errands such as driving all day making deliveries and picking up items. More worse is the time when he has to answer nearly 100 emails a day regarding the products he sells.

I've suggested that he should micromanage his free time more efficiently so that he doesn't have drop what he's doing currently and take care of something else. I've also suggested that he search for another job that isn't so demanding and more predictable on the hours and duties.

His situation can be categorized as an inner conflict due to the reason that he feels that he has a responsibility to take care of the family although it would be much easier for him to just concentrate on just his education. Being that he attends class six days a week, works nearly 7 days a week, he's overwhelmed by the amount of work in which he has to accomplish and no free time to relax from the stress.

In conclusion, he should take time off from work and focus time on his priority, which is his education. He already has his family's blessing that he doesn't have to financially support them as they have come up with a way of managing without his assistance. In light of his situation, you can see that it his is own choice that he wants to financially support his family when there is no need to, probably because of his feeling of self worth.