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The college dating scene has changed immensely over the years and now more than ever, women are getting involved in relationships known as "hookups." In a Philadelphia Inquirer article called "Hooking Up and Losing Power," Elizabeth Marquardt discusses the types of relationships that are going on at college campuses today. In her article, she expresses her opinion that women are losing power when they decide to get involved with "hookups." She tries to show that these kinds of relationships give men all the power and have women feeling a little helpless. The one-night stands are becoming a normal occurrence in college. The new college relationships are more about lust than about love.

On college campuses today there are 100 women to every 79 men, which is part of the problem. They have less choices and are forced many times to start a sexual relationship much sooner then they had planned.

Marquardt believes, ""¦The final decision about whether they are a public, committed couple is almost always left to the men." This is just focusing on the control that women have lost in relationships because of the "hookup" scene. She says that women in general are losing all their authority when it comes to being in a real relationship. Men, with more choices because of the larger proportion of women, can look around and find a woman who will have a sexual relationship with him. In this article Marquardt says that women are in need of advise and help, when it comes to their relationships. She believes that women have been given no direction, thus causing the short, intense relationships of college students.

These short relationships may seem fun and exciting at first, but could turn out to be very painful in the end. The intensity of these fast moving relationships...