Communist And A Farm

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"Communist and a Farm" Recently I have read a book by George Orwell called Animal Farm. It is about some animals that take over a farm and end the cruelty that they have taken over the years. But the pigs take over the new rebellion the animals have created and make them work for less than what the original owner fed them. This book is very much like the real-life story of the communism and the cold war.

The first thing that makes these two stories alike is that there were two feuding parties One was Joseph Stalin (or in the book the pig's name was Napoleon) who killed people for trumped up crimes of treason that that weren't as bad as they were said to be. This was like the book because Napoleon also killed some animals for petty crimes such as stealing extra corn.

The other party was Leon Trotsky (or the pig Snowball in the book) who wanted to make the communist system better (or in the book Snowball trying to help build a windmill.)

But then Stalin drove Trotsky out and made him a non-person or a leader that every one should ignore, or like in the book when Napoleon drives Snowball out and makes all the animals forget him.

Another thing in the book that was the same in the Cold War, which is a battle, fought without bullets and bombs. The war to see who could get the windmill up the fastest this was like the cold war and the race to be the first country on the moon. This was like the animals building a windmill to create electricity and they were racing the neighboring farms that were trying too also.

These two stories may have two good system but bad leader and people (or animals) being greedy and lazy. This system might work somewhere if people think less about themselves and more about others.