Comparing The Glass Menagerie And Of Mice And Men

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A work of literature, a good work of literature that is, must be able to accomplish certain tasks. According to the poet and critic Randall Jerrell, a quality work of literature "makes the reader feel that he [or she] is not in a book but in a world, and a world that has in common with his own some of the things that are most important in both."�. Two examples of literature that do just that are "The Glass Menagerie"� by Tennessee Williams, and "Of Mice and Men"� by John Steinbeck. These works use different techniques to draw the reader into the book, relating it's world to theirs.

"The Glass Menagerie"� by Tennessee Williams creates a view for the reader of an unstable world, one that the reader can somewhat relate to their life. In this novel Tennessee Williams uses the setting to help the reader relate to the world that is created for them in the story.

Throughout the work a setting is described that is like that of a "coffin"�, like the characters in the story are trapped in a situation they cannot get out of, and they must live their lives as best they can from within this "coffin"�. Many readers, such as students in high school, could relate to this setting, as there are many who feel the same way in their house and school. This setting could be related to as for many high school students school seems like a never-ending experience, and with any problems and/or conflicts they could have going on at home, along with all the responsibilities that many high school students bring upon themselves, home can barely seem like a relief, and it is felt that they are in a trap, similar to what is felt in "The...