Connie And Michael

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The Corleone family's patriarch was Antonio Andolini. He was killed in Sicily because he didn't follow the orders of a man named Don Ciccio. His death was followed by his son Pablo's death and his wife's who pleaded with Ciccio to spare young Vito's life. He refused and proceeded to kill and Vito was forced to flee to America where the Immigration officials changed his name to Corleone. Yet he did not forget to avenge his father's death by returning to Sicily to kill Don Ciccio.

As the Vicario twins protected their sister Angela in Chronicle, so did the Corleone brothers. Don Vito Corleone had three sons- Fredo, Michael, and Santino; and one daughter, Connie. Once when Connie's husband beat her, Santino (also known as Sonny) proceeded to beat him up. It was also known that whatever the male said went and the woman was expected to follow suit.

For example, after Connie's husband was murdered, Connie left and floated around the country. When Michael relocated to Nevada, she came asking for money so that she and her boyfriend could get married. Michael immediately said no and warned Connie that she would regret it if she married him. The end result was that she did not.