It Could Happen To Anyone

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IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE!! Before the horrific incident that happened on Tuesday September 11, 2001 almost every American thought that tourism couldn't happen to us. Well that was proven to be a lie. Americans in a way got kind of stupid in the sense that we were an untouchable country. We all kind of acted like there wasn't any other country besides the USA. None of the kids my age or around my age really cared what was going on in other Countries (neither did I).

I remember when the news first came on I didn't think it was any big deal because they were acting like it was an accident that the plane ran into the World Trade Center. Then the second one hit, and I started to get scared about what would happen next.

I do feel like a lot of people are over reacting about what is going to happen now.

We will have a war but Afghanistan is not big enough to cause WW3. I am scared of what will happen with our Economic System; it could very easily cause everything in the Economic System to go up in price. A lot of people seem to thing we are going to have World War three over this and that the world is going to come to an end. I think that is ridiculous. If the world is going to come to an end it is going to be because Jesus Christ comes and gets the Christians not because some people decide to basically declare war.

On television Governors and Senators have repeated that all the other countries are backing us. I am mainly surprised that the Afghanistan's could be so cold hearted as to kill thousands of people, and show pride in what...