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well, well, well. it looks like everyone is back on this topic. none of you have read my previous rants about how stupid and irrational americans are, because if you did, you would have nothing to debate about. the MOST intelligent argument to come from the US (in this and all other forums) was that "Canada sucks" and "fuck Canada". thats a really intelligent point. if all you angry yanks wanna know the real reason why this world thinks you all are idiots, is because you are run by idiots. c' could you? GEORGE BUSH??? that makes my point right there. what does canada have to be proud of? the fact that our citizens are more intelligent (better schools), a more beautiful country, a government that doesn't coverup wars funded by a CIA-induced crack epidemic in a country that you shouldn't be messing with(need i remind you of the Iran-Contra Affair in Nicaragua???), free health care, a greater amount of space in our country (which will soon be a major issue as the world population grows), very little violence, very few guns....even

in our largest cities (too bad you guys can't say the same eg-LA and NY), and prescriptions that are actually affordable without having to put a mortgage on your trailers. now, there are exceptions to every rule and i am convinced that there are almost 5 intelligent americans out there.....maybe even 6! BUT, since they ARE smart, they are already living in canada. so, in conclusion to this, i would like an honest response to this. please, tell me WHY your country is smart. tell me how your country will last with the problems facing the future. honestly, canada owns the polar ice cap ok? we will be able to drink fresh water for a long time coming while selling it to you yanks for $40 a bottle. so, please, give an honest argument here