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Donna Karan International Inc. is hailed as being one of the world's prominent fashion design houses. Under the Donna Karan New York, DKNY, DKNY Jeans, and DKNY Active brand names, the company designs, markets, retails, distributes, and contracts for the production of collections of women and men's clothing, shoes, accessories, and sportswear. The Company's key brands address the needs of many different consumers from the luxury consumer to a younger, more laid-back consumer that is without the lavish resources of the luxury consumer. The International Company operates in three different divisions: retail, wholesale, and licensing operations. (1999 Annual Report, 2) Donna Karan International Inc. is organized by its three different divisions of operation. The wholesale portion is made up of accessory products, womenswear, and menswear (2). All of which are available under the Company's four major brands. Wholesale includes all sales by Donna Karan International Inc. to specialty stores, department stores, boutiques, and the Company's free-standing stores (2).

In 1997, Donna Karan Inc. formed associations with separate companies to "develop, manufacture, market, and sell products under the Donna Karan New York, DKNY, DKNY Jeans, and DKNY Active Brands"(6). Some examples of the company's licensee's include Estee Lauder Inc. who is licensed to produce beauty products as well as Fossil, Inc. who produce Donna Karan's watch collections for both men and women (8). Donna Karan's retail segment includes an idea to extend means of distribution by opening free-standing, full-price retail stores, while licensing the right to open free-standing stores internationally (9).

The Company doesn't own any of it's own production facilities, so it contracts both foreign and domestic suppliers for the manufacturing of it's products (11). (1999 Annual Report) Donna Karan International Inc.'s location is as celebrated as the designer who reigns there. Seventh Avenue in New York City...