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Everyone is unique, and uniqueness is a sign of individuality. Of all the teachers at Coastal Georgia Charlie Nutt is perhaps the most unique individual I have ever met. Dr. Nutt is unique in many ways, but the qualities that stand out the most are being in perpetual motion, having patience, and being entraining.

Dr. Nutt reminds me of the "energizer bunny"; he keeps going and going. He is in constant motion from the time he gets to school until the time he leaves. Dr. Nutt arrives at Coastal Georgia at around six o'clock in the morning to prepare for the day . He completes his daily preparations just in time to begin teaching his nine o'clock C.G.C.C. orientation class.

With the breaks he has in-between teaching classes, Dr. Nutt can be found around campus either helping out a fellow faculty member or a student or fulfilling his duties as director of student live.

After all that running around the campus he has already done, he still finds the energy to teach a night class, English 1101. Dr. Nutt normally wraps up his day by completing important paperwork in his office. A lot of times, he finds himself being the last person to leave the college at night.

Dr. Nutt also stands out as an one of a kind teacher thanks to his patience, a high commodity in his personality. Educating students requires a great deal of time and patience, which Dr. Nutt unselfishly gives. The other day, when I was going to Dr. Nutt's office to ask for his help in writing a conclusion to my Communications class paper, I bumped into him at the student learning center. I was only able to speak with him briefly about my paper because he was in a hurry to go to a meeting with Dr. Lord meet Dr. Lord. He told me to come by his office sometime the next day so that he could take a look at it. As I was walking out the double doors of the student center, Dr. Nutt called my name and motioned me to come over. He then insisted that I walk with him to the meeting to discuss the problem I was having with my paper.

We walked only a short distance until we got to the building in which the meeting was being held. There, Dr. Nutt and I were able to resolve the problem with my conclusion in my Communications paper.

Dr. Nutt has a special way of making learning fun by entertaining his class as he teaches. During in-class discussion on study habits in my C.G.C.C. orientation class, Dr. Nutt asked where we normally did our studying. The class waited in silence for someone to answer until it was broken by Joy, who told Dr. Nutt that she studies in bed but had a tendency to fall asleep. Dr. Nutt informed the class that our bodies associate the bed with sleep therefore, we should never study in our beds. To stress the point one shouldn't study in the bed, Dr. Nutt demonstrated Joy, who when studying in her comfortable bed was about to fall asleep. He then furthered the demonstration by laying on the cold, dirty floor. The whole classed laughed uncontrollably. It is not unusual to see in class these grand performances that Dr. Nutt puts on to stress a particular point. He has high attendance in all of his classes because his students fear that they might miss out on one of his comical performances.

Dr. Nutt is an unique individual, as all who know him are well aware of. I have never met a character such as Dr. Nutt before. Everything about him stands out - his name, his personality, and, especially, his teaching techniques designed to capture students' attention.