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INTRODUCTION Economic outlook in Europe; in order for us to get a clear economic outlook in Europe we must use macroeconomics which is used by economists to measure the economy with the help of indicators such as: GNP, INFLATION and UNEMPLOYEMNT. GNP GROWTH IN EUROPE The GNP can said to be equal the gross domestic product of a country, after taking in to account payments from abroad and payment or import made to other countries. It can also measure the total income and by nationals or residents of a nation. These incomes can derive from several sources. Example: employee wages, fringe benefits, proprietors income, rental income, net interest income and corporate profit etc.

It can be seen in appendix 1 that the gross domestic product is growing in a rapid stage. This will in return produce healthy economy in Europe and create job opportunities for everyone. And therefore the income per person will increase.

This means that the purchasing power will keep on increasing.

If the purchasing power in Europe increases it means that people are able to buy more things despite the fluctuation of the prices. If people are able to buy more things in comparison with previous years they will be more interest in luxurious goods because after sometime your primary needs are satisfied. So a trip to Disney can be seen as a luxurious good.

So only looking at the GDP (pps) we can draw the conclusion that the economy in Europe is very well. The interest for luxurious goods increases. Therefore Disney Paris will be a nice location to relax.

In September 2001 the European commission has published figures for EU budget balance with the 15 EU member states. These balance examine total payments made to member states less total payment in the form of...