Ellis Island

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Ellis Island started in 1892, where it's a place where most of the immigrants had to go first before they could reach to America. At the island, all the immigrants would be tested and checked for diseases. This place was very harsh and discipline, if that person didn't listen they would be kick out of the island. Our class had to split into 2 groups and each group had to make up a skit. They had to act out what happen during the immigration period. We had to interview them and ask questions before and after the skit. We had to watch the scene, interview the characters, and know what really happen at Ellis Island The scene I saw is when the group perform immigrants checking in the stations. Each station has many requirements that each must pass and clear to go to the next station. There was about 4 stations during the time period of Ellis Island.

The whole scene started out when a group of immigrants had to listen and follow the guards and inspectors to the station. Then one of the immigrant inspector made all of the immigrants exercise and stretch out because of the long boat journey to Ellis Island. When the immigrants started to get off from the boat they watch your breathing from a distance. Checking if you are breathing right and seeing if they are healthy. It was one of their physical methods of checking the immigrants. The lady named Maria Pollai, who is a Italian immigrant with the one arm was kick out because she was a one armed person. During the time, there was too many immigrants entering on Ellis Island so they didn't care if you came in or not. Later on, each immigrant went to the first station,