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Eminem the musical genius- (there is much that was hidden about him) I believe that eminem is a musical genius, in this essay I will discuss his music and his effect on the mainstream of pop culture. I say this for many reasons, such as I listen to most of his lyrics and I can honestly admit that it takes a mastermind (genius) to come up with the things he says. You can't always listen to bad parts you also got to listen to the good parts and the meaningful lyrical contents. In the following paragraphs I will discuss his achievements and more to my response.

Everybody looks at Eminem as a vile, repugnant rapper. Nobody likes the way he talks about people in his lyrics, worst still, these lyrics have made Eminem a huge star, last year he sold more albums than Brittney Spears. It is like everyone is against him and do not want to let the truth be told that Eminem is a good rapper.

He is very talented and has a lot of potential. What makes him even more successful is he can obtain all of the publics anger and step over it and also put it into his songs. He is not effected a lot by the angry remarks because he knows that it is not true.

Last month it was announced that four nominations including one for album of the year has been awarded to Eminem. If nobody really liked Eminem why would he be awarded best-selling album of the year. It is like everyone knows he's good but by admitting that they will lose a part of them. Eminem writes his music to make sense and fit into a subject. Eminem has his own style of writing , people and other rappers may spread rumors to the public to eliminate Eminem because his competitive spirit is unchallengeable.

In this news paper article they bring up bad comments about people from eminem's lyrics, but yet there are still rappers doing the same thing such as rapping about the World Trade Center attack, and Eminem wasn't the only one rapping about the columbine high school massacre. Many other rappers took the event as a opportunity to make fun of and place it into their obscured lyrics and they got away with it. People may have even supported it. As soon as Eminem touches the mic all ears are wide open looking for comments and things to bring him down. As anyone can see he is still in the top ten rappers list. All of the hateful comments didn't have enough effect to drag him down. He is still currently producing tracks with no problems.

In conclusion I have examined reports and comments. All you are basically saying is that you don't like the fact that he is a Caucasian (white) rapier and making it in the game.