Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

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Dead Ahead: the Exxon Valdez Disaster Review plot summary- "Dead Ahead" did an excellent job of accurately portraying the sequence of tragic events which occurred on March 24, 1989. When the oil tanker hit the Bligh Reef in the Prince William Sound, 11 million gallons of crude oil turned the pristine blue waters black and deadly. This was the distressing story of the much delayed cleanup process, which, due to its delay became worst. The water off of the southern coast of Alaska was home to one of the countries richest concentrations of wildlife, and when the oil was spilled thousands of birds and sea life were killed, not to mention one third of the otter population. The Exxon Valdez oil spill was a tragedy that will not be forgotten.

acting- The acting in the film was also particularly good. Although I do not know the actual names of the actors, I can tell you that they did a fantastic job of actualizing the feelings that must have been felt by the characters setting- In my mind the best part of this film was the setting on which the film took place.

The dramatic shots of the dying wildlife, and the black water made it all seem very realistic to me, and gave me a better grasp on the importance of the spill.

both perspectives- Throughout this movie the two sides of the conflict were shown in opposition. The Exxon Valdez captains and crew, and the Alaskan residents. The issue of whether or not to use dispersants, burn off the oil, or other ways to get rid of the oil seemed to be the main disagreement between the two sides.

overall review- I give this movie five stars because they did a fantastic job making it. When I was reading...