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English Essay "“ "˜That Eye, The Sky' Critically comment on Winton's presentation of the supernatural in "˜That Eye, The Sky' "˜That Eye, The Sky', by Tim Winton, is a story about love, a boy's vision of the world and the faint line between the natural and supernatural. Winton focuses on presenting the reader with a view of the mystical and extraordinary i.e. things beyond natural. The story is narrated by a young boy named Ort who is in his last year of Primary school, going onto High School. It's through his eyes that we are able to see how different Ort perceives the world from other people. He comments on many ordinary things but turns them into extraordinary things for example the heavy description of the setting, the human sense of sight, Ort's visions of clouds or light and significance of the number 3.

This essay will analyse and comment on the supernatural that is mentioned in the novel, "˜That Eye, The Sky'.

The setting plays a significant purpose in revealing many supernatural things. The novel is set in the outback of Western Australia, where it is mainly bushy. The description of the setting on page 4 shows this, "Instead I'm listening to the night coming across from the forest "“ all small sounds like the birds heading for somewhere to stay the night, the sound of the creek tinkering low when everything gets quiet, the chooks making that maw-maw sound they do when they're beginning to sleep all wing to wing up under the tin roof of the chookhouse. Sometimes in the night I can hear their poop hit the ground it's so quiet. Sometimes it's so quiet, Dad says you can hear the dieback in the trees, killing them...