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Without the inpurities and preasures implied upon us through society we would live with more self wealth In this world there are people who wish they were someone else and the people that wish they wherent.

If it was certian that the earth was flat, and it was cerian that the earth was the center of the universe. Then how can we trust the theorys implied by the unjust and unlaughull goverment we slave under.

Patriatism is a mix of blinded faith and strong heritage ties.When a nation unites over sufering and war, their to late.

When a war is faught over one man. What do you do when that man is dead? When a man cant sing, he cant dance. If a man cant take his own thoughts into acordence, he turns to religeon.

When religion rules your life, your not living your own life anymore. When your feer are on the ground, your mind is closed.

A man with no time spends his time at chruch, A man living under the limitations of religion, is not living his life to the fullest Right and wrong is an inner choice Why would god create a man that didnt believe in him? The future is in total anarchy.