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Franklin D. Rosevelt A Leader Among All Others In this paper I am going to explain why I think Franklin D. Roosevelt was the most influential leader of the twentieth century.

The reason that I think Franklin Roosevelt played such an important role is because he influenced people during the worst time in American History. He helped lead a country that had no money to support all of it's people. He helped lead our nation through the worst war known to the earth so far. He also lead himself through worst part of his own life. Between The Depression, WWII and his own struggle with polio he made himself into a great leader. But those aren't the only factors that helped him influence a nation deeply in need of leadership. He had something else that helped him win four consecutive presidential races, he had a long line of leadership achievements to back him up.

Franklin Roosevelt was a natural born leader. He was meant to become a leader from the first day he set foot in to the political category. Roosevelt ran for everything he could from New York State Senator to Secretary of the Navy. But with every good thing there is something that has to go wrong. At the age of 39 Roosevelt was stricken with a disease that had no cure, polio. The disease has an awful side affect, it causes one to be paralyzed. With the help of his wife, Eleanor, Roosevelt succeeded in leading the country through it's most trying times. When I think of a leader I think of someone that rises above all others to get the job done. Franklin Roosevelt was this great leader. He sacrificed his own personal well being to lead a great nation.

Franklin Roosevelt saw the things that...