Global Warming

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Over the past 100 years, the Earth's temperature has been increasing. Has the world been getting hotter? Is it going to keep getting hotter? Are humans really to blame? These are some examples of questions that are being asked constantly and scientists are finally getting answers. In the following paragraphs the answers will be uncovered, and you will learn how to prevent future global warming.

Has the world been getting hotter? As a matter of fact, the average temperature has increased between one-half and one degree Fahrenheit. Although it has been unsteady changes, there are still effects from the heat. Sea levels have increased 4 to 10 inches worldwide and glaciers have decreased. To say the least, the past few centuries have been the warmest, but the future holds no evidence of harm to the environment.

Are humans really to blame? To be honest, humans aren't a major cause at all.

Up until recently, scientists have been more worried about an Ice Age then to much warming. Humans give a "Greenhouse effect." Burning fossil fuels and releasing a lot of carbon dioxide causes this effect. Many scientists fear that added greenhouse gases will send too much heat back, warming the Earth and changing the climate.

If everyone pitches in and puts forth effort, the cause of the warming by humans will decrease. If you must burn harmful substances, such as fossil fuels, do it in a sparingly manner. By doing this, the "blanket" covering the earth's atmosphere will become less and less of a threat.