A Good Role Model

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A good role model involves several characteristics. One is having a good personality. Second there must be a good reason why that person is influencing other people. And third that person must have a good attitude. So a good role model must basically be a good citizen and must be significant for a reason.

There is a lot of importance of choosing a good role model. If you choose a bad role model that person will lead you to do bad things and you will regret those choices. Secondly if you choose a good role model you try to be like that person and will probably be as successful as that person or even more. Plus a good role model has experience in a certain field so they will teach you the right paths to take in life to be successful. So choosing is good role model can be a very big choice in life.

There are several consequences when you act badly. You can be sent to AIA. The teacher can write a referral on the student and the student can get in trouble. The administrative staff can be so fed up with a student acting up that they can suspend the student or even expel them. So in conclusion acting badly in class is inappropriate and there are consequences.