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Chap 1 "The old ram stand looking down over rockslides... decides to ignore me." Grendal comes in contact with a slow-witted ram that didn't pay any attention to his presents. Grendal becomes upset and throws a fit. He is mad that the ram doesn't fear him for he thinks that he is an extreme figure of power.

"The doe in the clearing goes stiff at sight of my horridness, then remembers her legs and is gone. It makes me cross." "Blind prejudice!" The doe sees Grendal and freezes and then runs away. Grendal is very upset because of the doe's quick opinion of him. The doe runs just because of the looks of Grendal. You can describe the actions of the doe as "Judging a book by its cover". The weird thing about this is Grendal was mad because the ram wasn't afraid of him and now that the doe is afraid of him he is upset about that.

He is contradicting what he said about the ram.

"I ask the sky. The sky says nothing, predictably. I make a face uplift a define middle finger, and give an obscene little kick. The sky ignores me, for ever unimpressed. Him too I hate,"¦" Instead of Grendal saying god his says the sky. This shows that he doesn't believe in god. He thinks there is something more powerful and divine then god. He thinks divine power goes much farther out into the universe.

Chap 2 "One morning I caught my foot in the crack...sweet as my mamas milk." This is the first time in Grendals life that his becomes helpless. He cries for his mother but she is not there to come to his rescue. His question of supremeness is at stake. But then a bull comes and he sees that it has no logic and it cannot think as he can. He once again sees himself as intelligent and wise.

"That night for the first time I saw men." / "That's it! King's right! It's a spirit!" This is where this is a power struggle. Grendal meets these men as he is trapped helplessly in the tree. He finds out that they have logic and can think as he can. He finds out that he is not the only one that has intellect. Grendal believes that this is a great universal accident. From here on Grendal has a different opinion on mankind. His chances of being almighty are threatened.

"You're all crazy," I tried to yell, but it came out a moan. I bellowed for my mother.

I think the speech impediment that Grendal has will become a major part of the book. The humans wouldn't of find him dangers but when he tried talking it sounded as a beastly moan or growl.

Chap 3 "As the bands grew larger"¦ protection from other bands of men." This is completely different from Beowulf. There is a civil war between the people themselves. Grendal observes the bands of people fighting and sees many people get killed. I believe this is what turned him to be a great bloodthirsty beast.

"The fighting went on all that summer"¦ into bed with the other group's wives and daughters."' Grendal sees how savage man can be. This sickens him. This divides him from humanity even more. To Grendal the human race are stomach-turning creatures, condemned to live disaster after disaster, regret after regret.

The moors axes"¦and the yellow lights of peasant huts were like scattered jewels on the ravendark cloak of a king.

Yellow represents innocence in this piece of writing. The yellow lights coving the peasant's huts show that the peasant people are innocent and controlled by the king and the meadhall. They don't want humanity to be in a war. They want piece deep down inside but are corrupted by the king.