The Helpfulness Of The Writing Processes

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Writing may not be everyone's favorite pass time in life, but there are ways to make writing easier and more productive. While growing-up, the method used to teach me how to organize and keep my thoughts on topic was the writing process. There are two main areas I'd like to exam. First, what exactly are the writing stages? Then, secondly, why is it that I feel it is necessary to be taught these stages at an early age.

The stages of writing can be broken-down into some basic areas. The first step should be defining a topic, if the topic hasn't already given to you. Finally, after you decide upon a topic, you then develop some type of an outline. The outline doesn't have to be concrete, but is just a method of organizing your thoughts. Following the outline, you should start writing the first draft. After you write the first draft you should review it and see if you have to change any ideas.

Then the grammar and structure should be double checked. Lastly, you should write your final draft. You should look over your paper once again just to double check yourself.

I believe that learning the writing process at an early age is critical to the development of the writer. With my own experiences as a younger writer I felt that when ever I was given a writing task, I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. I usually just sat down and starting writing the paper. Then I remembered one of my teachers telling my class that there are certain stages that can be used to help you make your writing experience easier. The stages really helped me organize my thoughts in a logical manner so that people could actually...