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Prince Hal VS Hotspur Raza Syed English 132 The play Henry IV (part I), written by Shakespeare, is about the English Kings and their families. Prince Hal and Hotspur are two of the main characters of this play.

They both are of noble birth and seem to be similar in many ways yet they both have different approach and opinions about life and the pursuit for happiness. Unfortunately they both are paired against each other in a match of fate to defeat each other in order to full fill their dreams and ambitions by glorifying themselves in the eyes of their fathers.

In the beginning of the play Prince Hal, the son and successor of Henry IV, was portrayed as living a dissolute life with his best friend who is a disreputable knight, Sir John Falstaff, with whom he has been liable of committing several vile acts which are not fit for a prince.

He regularly rendezvous with his friends and associates at the town tavern which is a place for mostly commoners and paupers. He also actively takes part in a robbery along with his friend just for fun. He seems not to be interested in politics and cares very little for his fathers reputation. All these actions have scared his and his fathers names among the nobles. King Henry is very dismayed and appalled at theses actions and wishes that it could be proved that some how the gallant Hotspur was his real son. Although, Prince Hal is guilty of many misdeeds, he is a very caring, honest, lenient, brave, patient and strong young man who secretly aspires for his fathers love and understanding.

HAL: "I know you all, and will awhile uphold The unyoked humor of your idleness. Yet herein will I imitate the sun, Who...