Holocaust,Describe How Jews Were Dicriminated Against By 1939 Etc.

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HOLOCAUST (SYLLABUS A) COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT Question One: Describe how jews were dicriminated against by 1939 In November 1923 the Nazis attempted putsch in Munich failed. As a result from this Hitler and other Nazis were sentenced to prison. Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison, but he was released after only serving nine months. While he was in prison, he spent his time writing Mein Kampf, which is a statement of his views.

In Mein Kamf he blamed the Jews for Gemany's defeat in the First World War, and also said Germans were the Master Race.

"The Germans are the' Master Race'. They must keep themselves pure. Only those of German Blood may be a citzens. No Jews may be members of the nation. It was the Jews who helped bring about Germany's defeat in the First World War. They must be destroyed." The key ideas in Hitlers "˜Mein Kampf" are Struggles is the basis of history, there is a struggle in the world between different races of people.

The main struggle that the German (Aryan) race must fight is the Jewish race, the German race needs more land so that it can preserve itself and expand. A strong nation must be united under a strong leader (himself).

Hilter was defining history as a racial struggle with Jews at the botton and Aryans (German master race) on top in "˜Mein Kampf'. Also so Hitler started to try and achieve his aims, after he was released from prison.

On January 30th, 1933 Hitler became the Chanceler of Gemany, but he was under the influence of President Hindenburg. But Hitler became the president of Germany after a state of emergency was decleared which allowed germany to have another ellection. Which Hitler won, through disadvantiging his oppenents. He managed to...