The Innate Oodness Of Uman Nature

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The Innate Goodness of Human Nature Human being is the greatest creation of the Mother Nature. Men are always helping each other. Men create society by helping each other and standing together through good times and bad. If men didn't care about one another in the society, there wouldn't be any society. When a baby is born is this world, it is all innocent. It doesn't know about selfishness, cruelty, brutality, or viciousness. This baby gets familiar with all these evil deeds when it starts to grow up in this cruel world. Therefore, the goodness of human nature is intrinsic. Whatever evil deeds they do are what they learn afterward in their life. Every human being cares for another person. There are loves, care, for each other in human society. Many people are sad when their neighbors are sad; again they are happy when the neighbors are happy. There is compassion, sympathy, and care for each other in human nature.

All these traits are innate goodness of human nature.

When a baby is born in this world, nobody can call it evil. Because, babies don't even know what evilness is. They are just so innocent. When they start to grow up in a cruel world, they come to learn about all the cruel and evil deeds. A person can't kill a person if he doesn't get familiar with idea of killing people. A person can't hit or hurt others if he never gets to know the idea of hitting or hurting others. Whatever evil deeds a person does, he/she must have learned it in his/her life. Wickedness can't be in anyone's heart from the very beginning of his life, since everyone on earth is born as a complete naïve baby.

On the 11th of September, some terrorists hijacked four planes and crashed two of them in the World Trade Center in New York which killed thousands of people. It raises a question that how could they (the terrorists) do this cruel act to all those innocent lives? Those terrorists must have been raised in such a cruel society that they lost all their innate goodness. But when we look at those volunteers that are working real hard for the victims, it pacifies our minds. The volunteers that are working on the rubbles of the World Trade Center have to see many disturbing scenes every time. It is also really very hazardous for them to work there. Those volunteers are not getting paid for what they are doing. They are not expecting to get anything in return. They are not even expecting to get famous. But still they are working real hard for the victims. Why are they doing it? They are doing it because; they have love and sympathy for other people. They are working there altruistically. They are feeling distressed in this time. Nobody had to develop a care ness for others, but it was in the human heart from the very first day of his life.

Love is another innate goodness of human nature. We see all the mothers in the world love their kids more than anything else. This motherly love is an inborn trait. Nobody had to teach a mother how to love her kids. The same nobody has to teach a kid how to love its mother. Babies love their mother from the first day of their life. People love each other. We don't need any reason for love. We just love others. But we cannot get mad at anyone if there is no reason. There got to be something which will make us angry with somebody. Therefore, we have love in our heart from the very beginning but we learn how to be angry, vicious, and cruel afterward in life.

All the people of the world are more or less patriot. Nobody really has to teach anyone patriotism. It is a feeling for the country from the deep inside of one's heart. It doesn't matter whether the country is poor or rich, good or bad. I am from a very poor country, Bangladesh, in south Asia. My country is really poor, and corrupt. She can barely support her people. She cannot feed all of her people. I know if I were in my country now, I wouldn't be able to explore myself as much as I am doing here. Still I really love my country.

Now I am here in the US, I started to love this country even more, because this place is really supporting me with everything I need. This place is giving me freedom, and showing me dreams of a new life. I am being grateful to this country for giving me so much. It is a feeling which is working deep inside of my heart. Nobody had to educate me about how to be grateful. This kind of goodness is innate for human being. If anyone does any good for anyone, he/she wants to do something in return.

There is an ocean in every human's heart which is deeper than the deepest ocean on earth. Human soul is full of mysteries. Nobody cannot really say about a person "˜what kind of person he is' by just seeing his outward appearances. A person himself doesn't even know how evil sometimes he can be. Sometimes, there can be some circumstances which can make a person do evil deeds. When a person has no food to eat, no money to buy anything either, he might be thinking of stealing or shoplifting. But humans are innocent by birth, when he starts to live in this world and get along with different kinds of people, he learns many evil deeds.