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The last program I attended in Hart Hall was international film festival that included movies from countries such as India ,Brazil, Japan. The films I saw were very interesting And well chosen since they all described the countries' everyday life, history, customs ,culture and so on.

.Two films particularly impressed me of all .One was Japanese "The 47 Ronin " and another one Indian "Mission Kashmir"� .First was a old film about life of samurais and their struggle for honor. It was a drama describing the habits and family homor and justice .the Indian film seemed more modern since it showed the conflict between India and Pakistan for Kashmir region. In the film we can see how Kashmir independence troops war and demand freedom from India. But this film included narrow aspect of the whole conflict satisfying with a certain region's problem where also these processes were going on.

I liked the both films cause they are taken from real life. Furthmore it expanded my knowledge about these regions and cultures. Ilearned things that wasn't aware of before. For example, Japanese national costumes and samurai life and their rules and honors. I We discussed these all things with Japanese and Indian students that watched with us too.

In my unviresity I take International studies course.As seen in the name it learns international countries , cultures and relations with them.So it helped me repeat te things I learned before.Besides,I talked directly to people from these countries and took more information concerning their nowadays life conditions.