Internet Users Turn Into Addicts

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Internet Users Turn Into Addicts On June 14, 1999, ABC news reported that an "Internet-crazed" Cincinnati woman reportedly spent twelve hours straight online, while her hungry kids were locked away in one room so she could be online without interruption. The three kids were placed in the custody of the county. The mother on the other hand was placed in the custody of the Cincinnati police department.

The Internet is rapidly becoming an addictive source to a lot of its users. Users of the Internet include students, housewives and business professionals, just to name a few of the users. Some of these Internet users spend an approximate minimum of thirty-eight hours on the "net"; hence, losing touch with reality and reeking havoc on their studies, family lives, or careers. Individuals such as these are classified as "Internet Addicts".

Based on the level of addiction, there are three groups of Internet addicts: i) the " I'm-not-addicted" users, ii) the "I -only-use-it-when-I-have-to" users, iii) the "Internet Junkies".

The "I'm-not-addicted" users are the users who try to convince themselves that they are not addicted to the Internet. This group includes college students, or any other type of student for that matter, who don't go online during the day to prove to fellow students that they can do without getting online; only to stay up all night in a chat room online. While wasting their time online the tend to neglect their studies among other things. Or businesspeople who stay after hours to supposedly get a late report done; only to stay online until the security guy is ready to lock up the building. Also logging off as soon as they see someone coming, to try to hide what they were doing. Or husbands who stay off-line all day, only to get online...