Investors Say They Will Hang On To Their Shares

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Investors Say They Will Hang on to Their Shares This article, that appeared in the Indianapolis Star just recently, talks about the effect of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on Wall Street. Many people that were interviewd say that this is the best time to buy stock to help boost the stock market-even if the prices shift. One interviewee says that buying stock soon would be a sign of patriotism in support of democracy and capitalism." Some investors say that even if investors rush in that the scheme might flop and that they could see their shares take a drubbing. Even with a few saying that now is not the time to rush in and buy stock, majory of the interviewed admit that now is good.

This article is important because it talks about the importantce of aiding the stock market in times of a crisis.

If everyone started to sell their shares in fear of an economic fall the economy could take a hard beating. Such an event could affect the U.S. greatly. It is good for consumers to read such articles to educate them on ideas like this. Granted, there are plenty of citizens out there that know when and when not to buy stock to help the economy, but there are ones out there that don't. That's when an article like this is helpful.

I feel that this article explains the ideas well. Many people are quoted in the article which adds a personal touch. The article is optimistic for the most part, which is good in a time of crisis. I think that in times such as this, people do not need to panic. I feel that aids in the crisis itself and created a larger problem.

This article explains that consumers should, for the most part, continue on with their economic habits as usual.

This article relates to this class in a few ways. First, it talks about the stock market. In class on Fridays we work on our own stocks, so this article might aid in giving ideas to the students about what to do with their stock shares.

It talks about helping out the economy. Obviously, we talk about our economy in Economics class. Lastly, the article gives differnt opinions about what buying and selling stock would or would not do for our economy.

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