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Analysis Paper Dr. HogueChug-A-Lug "BEER. NOW THERE'S A TEMPORARY SOLUTION." These words are featured on a poster underneath my favorite television dad, Homer Simpson. Homer is lying passed out on a couch with a beer sitting steadily upon his stomach. He is wearing nothing but undergarments with his head propped up on a pillow. The poster reveals that beer drinking has become more than just a pastime. According to Mr. Hoffman of Marietta College, "A beer a day, takes the heart disease away." He is referring to the nutritional method of consuming alcohol. As for the poster, Homer is using alcohol to lose himself in his sorrows and try to forget about what seems to be bothering him. This poster represents that alcohol is not only used for a social aspect, but also for the use of emotional distress. As times change, so do reasons for using things.

Beer is under that category. People used to drink mainly to socialize. There were always drunks, but most people weren't drinking to get "messed up." Some love the buzz while others drink to fit in. Others pass out drinks to intoxicate others. It's clearly understood that Homer is drinking to forget about an event that just occurred. But what might that event be? Did Bart light the principals house on fire and run around it singing, "Tender Sheppard?" Did he catch Marge sneaking around with the local garbage man? This is something that is left for a persons opinion. The poster itself gives the image that it is seen from an intoxicated person. The walls surrounding Homer are purple and the couch he is lying on is orange. This could easily be argued that the artist of the poster was trying to give the illusion of a birds eye view...