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Joyce's Research Paper James Joyce was an Irish novelist and poet. He was one of the most influential writers in the 20th century. His two were the novels Dubliners and Ulysses. The setting and both works play an important part in his novel.

Joyce's themes and style are very intelligent. Most of his works has inventive languages. Most of Joyce's work deals with an everyday life the 20th century in Dublin. Most of his writings concentrate on ordinary people, objects, and places. Even though Joyce renounced and left the Catholic faith, some of his writings still have and refers to the rich tradition of the Catholics. He also likes to talk about people and gestures and the person's entire personality.

Joyce's first prose work was the Dubliners. In the novel it has 15 short story sketches in this book. The stories describe the most inmate lives of some characters from Dublin.

Most of the stories in this novel include some disappointment, weariness, and shame waft. It has stories from young age to old age and their problems. One of the 15 stories in this novel is "An Encounter,"� describes about a pain of school aged boys that skipped class for a day in the town in Dublin and end by meeting an unnerving old man who talks leeringly about girls and about punishing young boys. Another story in the Dubliners is "Eviline,"� in which a young woman attempts to escape life with her alcoholic father by eloping to Australia with a sailor, but finds herself unable to bring herself to leave. The "Sisters,"� is about a young boy encounters death for the first time when his friend, and much older priest named Father Flynn, is killed by a stroke. "Clay,"� is about an old women pays a visit to the...