Julius Caesar

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JULIUS CAESAR Thesis Statement: Without this courageous charecter Rome would not have been the same; Without him, many wonder if the systems in todays world would be any differant, Its a question no one could answer.

I. Caesar's life before he became a hero A. His Family i. Explain how he lived ii. His Parents II. What Julius did when he first became what he is know as today.

A. His first tasks' B. His life style at the "beggining" III.The taking over Gaul.

A. His plan i. What he had to work with ii. His number of men to fight B. The end results i. Who won, and why ii. The winners experience.

IV. Calpurnia and Caesar A. Their realationship i. Their Dreams ii. Kids iii. What Calpurnia thought about Caesars Assasanation V.The Death of Julius Caesar A. How, and why B. Who was the "Killer" so to say i.

Final words ii. What they mean C. What in the city of Rome changed, after his death *Class Project*: I will be spiltting the class up into Groups of 5, I will give them a map of gaul, and they will have to Draw the route they think they would have takin if they were in Caesars place during the taking over of Gaul. They will also need to include what weapons form back then would you use.

After I share what Julius did, we can see if any one had the same thing. Afterwards, the class will be given a crossword puzzle made by me with some of the information that was given out in my speech. It isn't going to be a long assignment so they should have it done by the end.