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In the last centuries we witnessed the great developements and great inventions for humanity.we really advanced our lives to upper levels.But on the other hand our passion seems to be in strife with planet earth.If you take a look at the point we have come, you can see we are getting close to a nature slaughter.

fistly humanity escaped from the wild life and build up villages,towns and cities to feel safe and form a modern living.By this way we can go on easier, far from nature's filth and its mud! Consequently, people get rid of the green and say hello to the concrete sculptures.In my opinion living between them is making our monotonous lives more suffocating.

day by day due to the human needs the 'new world order' seems to yearn conquering every piece which is source of life for human race.

Because the industralization is relentlessly plundering the face of earth to get new spaces for itself and feed the ones on management.

This kind of perception can cause great problems for us in the future.

In spite of the great industrial possesion, nature is the basic source for human life.The most simple example for this is the rain forests which are named 'lungs of the world'.We are providing food,water and peace from the nature.Especially for our sanity it is a necessity to feel the presence and the beauty.You can see spaces which are formed to give the feel of nature in architectural designs and this prooves that we are inneed of green.

As a result we need to live in conservative surroundings but this doesnt mean we have to destroy things providing us the life.

someday we can lose the last space remained from nature.

Maybe on that day we will quit our lust and start building an artificial nature life to go on.I hope we wont get that point or when we get there, ý hope It wont be late.