To Kill A MockingBird

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Fact or Fiction In the process of readingTo Kill A Mockingbird I realized something that is very true about the court system and justice. I came to a realization in court it is not what you know, saw, or heard but rather what you can prove. Without proof it is just word against word in which case whoever has a more favorable reputation will probably win the case. For example in the book it is just word against word and because the accused man is black he has a less respectable reputation and loses the case. This situation is much like real life in the respect that if a man accuses an ex-criminal of stealing his gold necklace but he has no proof then the accuser will most likely win just because he is more reputable. This can happen even if the accuser and defendant both know he didn't take it.

The defendant will lack support and thus he will be convicted. So the sad truth remains that its know what you know happened it what you can prove happened. If you can't prove your half of the story then justice will not always prevail.

This also brings up another valuable point, social classes. In both To Kill A Mockingbird and in the U.S. today there are still social classes. Within the book the social classes go wealthy people (by Maycomb's standards), poor people, disrespected poor people, and blacks. The U.S., has a social class, that is very different and based much less on race. The U.S. social class is organized by the job that you have. Usually the higher the job pays the higher you are on the social class. In conclusion To Kill A Mockingbird addresses many issues that still exist today even though it was written 60 years ago.