In The Lake Of The Woods

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John Wade is not evil, rather a man who wanted to be loved, who needed to be loved. A man who was always struggling against the odds, and was doing his best to survive in a harsh reality. The world and fate had not been kind to him and he suffered as a result of this. A strong sense on loneliness, insecurity and despair rose up inside John Wade. He tried to push it down, to suffocate it and bury it deep inside his mind but it just rose up inside of him like an erupting volcano of rage.

John wanted to be loved more than anything else in the world. He needed the love which the world had cruelly denied him since his very early childhood. He would go to almost any extent to be loved including going too war. "˜It was in the nature of love that John Wade went to the war"¦ Only for love.

Only to be loved' (p59) It was the lack of love and the feeling of dejection and loneliness that made John Wade apart of the character that he became. "Sometimes he did bad things just to be loved, and sometimes he hated himself for needing love so badly" (p.60) John Wade had become fearful and distrustful, like a hardened shell, seeking to protect himself and block himself from the outer world.

It is the evil in the world that is attacking John Wade's soul and it is a battle for him to survive.

He is a victim of a cruel world, it is a harsh reality for him and it is easier for him to go into his head and behind the mirrors. John Wade got sucked up into this world. John Wade would sometimes believe the pretending in his mind...