Leonardo Da Vinci

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Art. Many people struggle to understand the true meaning behind art. The term "Renaissance man" has been used to describe the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. He brought the world understanding and knowledge of art. The beauty and nature hidden in images inspired Leonardo to paint fabulous portraits that are admired by the world today. He was a man of so many accomplishments, in many areas, which brought him fame and recognition. Leonardo da Vinci is an extremely influential person because of his artwork, knowledge and understanding of art, and his drawings of future inventions.

The childhood of Leonardo is quite different from many other artists. He was born outside the village of Vinci, near Florence in central Italy on Saturday, April 14th at 10:30p.m, 1452. Leonardo was the son of Ser Piero da Vinci, a legal specialist, and a peasant girl named Caterina. His parents did not marry, but instead a year later, Leonardo's father married a rich and young heiress named Albeira, who seem to have accepted Leonardo with real affection.

He grew up and was educated on the family's estate. However, Leonardo never got to finish school. When he was fifteen, Leonardo's father placed him for training in the workshop of a leading artist Andrea del Verrocchio. His father knew that through Verrocchio, Leonardo could eventually gain membership in the minor guild of painters. Leonardo's master encouraged him to continue his studies at home and discovered for himself new areas of thought and many more questions. Leonardo was polite and had gentle manners. He always tried to avoid arguments and competition when he could. According to Robert Wallace, "He avoided quarrels, and when he was abused by his young rival, Michelangelo, who hated him, he made no reply other than to note in his journal...