Les Liaison Dangereux

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Les Liaisons Dangereux vs. Dangerous Liaisons Thematically there are many differences between Les Liaisons Dangereux and Dangerous Liaisons. The idea of Valmont getting in bed with any of his potential lovers was never treated like a game in Les Liaisons Dangereux, or at least not nearly as much so as in Dangerous Liaisons. Glenn Close's character was far more devious in Dangerous Liaisons, which made her easier to despise. In Les Liaison Dangereux, her counterpart's scheming is never done in the open and is not as malicious.

When it comes to relationships, the relationship between Valmont and Marquise de Merteuil (Glenn Close) was not a heated competition in Les Liaisons Dangereux but rather a marriage with a twist. In Dangerous Liaisons, however, they pit themselves against one another to make them jealous. This is for the benefit of our Hollywood accustomed culture to keep us from falling asleep, as some of us may done have during Les Liaisons Dangereux.

Not to worry, for those of us that hated the subtitled 1959 version, Dangerous Liaisons was a pleasant surprise and just different enough to keep us guessing, despite the fact that we knew most of the plot anyways.