Lord Of The Rings

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This story is about a ring that possesses extremely dangerous powers, and A hobbits quest to destroy the ring before it falls into evils fate.

The story begins as Bilbo Baggins, a very well known and wealthy hobbit announces his 111 birthday and his nephew and heir Frodos 33 birthday celebration. The celebration was a success but at the end of the party, Bilbo mysteriously disappears and is never seen again. Only to speak last with his trusted friend Gandalf who he persuades to leave the ring for his heir Frodo. When Frodo receives the ring he is warned by Gandalf of it's dangerous powers and is advised not to wear it.

A few years pass, and there are rumors of strange occurrences happening outside the shire, such as the rise of dark power in the land of Mordor. Gandalf soon after pays Frodo a visit and tells him the nature and history of the ring.

Frodo learns that his ring is actually the greatest of the Rings of Power, and was made long ago by Sauron the dark lord of Mordor, who is now eagerly searching for it. Frodo decides it his duty to destroy the ring which could only be done in one place. So he sells Bag End and purchases a house in Buckland to prevent gossip of him leaving the shire. So on his fiftieth birthday he sets out with his two friends, Sam Gamgee his gardener and Peregin Took (Pippin).

As they begin their travels, they notice they are being followed by mysterious Black Riders.

Frodo decides to lose the riders and in their succession, they meet a group of wandering Elves.

After speaking with the leader Gildor, they learn the Black Riders are servants of the enemy.

The following day, they decide to...