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Lorna DooneLorna Doone is a romantic adventure set back in the year 1673, in Devon, England. It is a story about a never-ending love between the young Master John Ridd, and Lorna Doone. Who really turns out to be Lady Lorna Dugal.

The Doone's are a powerful group of murderers that everyone feared. They were hated throughout the land for their vicious acts or murder and robbery.

Lorna, who was taken prisoner by the Doone family when she was a little girl, is not even aware that she is not a Doone. While being brought home from school early, at the holiday season, John first sets eyes on the beautiful Lorna. She was strapped across one of the monstrous Donne's horses. It was John's wish to rescue her, one-day, from that terrible family.

Upon his arrival home from school, John finds out the bad news that his father had been murdered at the hands of the Doone's.

He is determined to grow up and avenge his father's death.

One day while fishing John winds up in Doone territory, completely by accident. This is the first time that Lorna and John actually get to speak to one another. He falls in love with her then.

Time goes on, and it had been a while since John laid eyes on his Lorna. But he never forgot her, or stopped thinking about her. She too remembers him at a chance meeting. Because of who Lorna is, or is thought to be, John could never tell anyone of his feelings for her, nor could she of him.

One sad day the Doone's find out about Lorna's and John's intentions to be together. With this in mind, the Doone's contact Lorna's family and plan to send her back, to keep her from marrying John. Though Lorna wrote many letters to John expressing her feelings, none of the ever got to him, and he is devastated thinking that his Lorna has forgotten him completely. At the insistence of a friend, John makes plans to travel to see Lorna. When the two lay eyes upon each other once again, they were both excited that the other one had not forgotten about their promises. Lorna asks John to please wait for her until she can return to Plover Barrows farm, John's home, so that they can be together.

Back at home now, John makes plans to attack the Doone's and put an end to their terrible ways. The attack goes off well, and his task was accomplished. It was after this that Lorna was brought back to the place she loved so much and she and John made their plans to marry.

It was the day of the wedding and the ring, finally, was placed upon Lorna's finger. After this, a terrible thing happened. A gunshot rang out and Lorna lay helpless on the floor of the church. Carver Doone, who also wanted to take Lorna's hand in marriage, tried to bring the two young lover's happiness to an end. John knew immediately who had done this terrible deed. He took off, out of the church, after Carver. Whit no weapons on him, John took down the mighty, powerful, Carver. With only a stick, John disarmed Carver and his horse. John grabbed Carver's throat, and threw him away from himself. Into the black swamp; Carver fell. He was sucked up in the swamp and gone forever. John had killed the murderer of his father, and, so he thought the murderer of his only true love, Lorna.

Upon arriving back at home, John finds out the Lorna is not dead, but only wounded, and very ill. Finally, well enough to stand on her own, Lorna sees her beloved John again, and falls into his arms. And the two of the lived a long and happy life.